I am working on an embedded system, a microcontroller-based design. The system has an Ethernet port. I am using NetX framework in the microcontroller firmware.
The DHCP Client is executed properly, an IP address is assigned correctly when connected to a router. I connect a laptop to the router using a LAN cable. Then TCP sockets behave the way they should, UDP broadcast behave the way they should. The only issue is, when I connect a Laptop over wireless to the same router UDP broadcast are received on application on Laptop, but data sent is not received on the embedded device.
Any idea why?

Laptop is Windows
Embedded Device: Renesas S7G2, NetX framework.

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    Why don't you try asking your question on StackOverflow. This community isn't exactly for posting problem solving questions.
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    @joas Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that out.
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    I'd remove the embedded device and replace it with a second laptop. If the behaviour is the same, the issue isn't with the embedded device, but the router config.
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    @Fast-Nop : Thanks for suggesting this. I'll try this out first thing tomorrow!
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