Have been waiting since morning to push this rant like a constipated turd.

I work with Baboons. FUCKING BABOONS.




We have been going around one simple feature for 3+ weeks and I have tried explaining these hobos in every single humane way.

And they still go back to their point and refuse to understand.

I have told them a zillion times that what they want will be taken in next cycle. Fucking let me setup the infra and bare minimum in first.

Assholes don't even know what a 'Use Case' means and they are Product Managers building a multi million dollar product.

Fuck me in my glory hole for I am done dealing with these monkeys. Comparing them to monkeys would be insulting those intelligent creatures because my colleagues are worse than them.

Same fucking cycle with an input to progress. No wonder the VP has been pissed at entire team of 8 of us because these incompetent morons aren't able to conclude a simple feature. They have no idea on how to use industry frameworks or research or look outside their caves. Fucking Neanderthals.

What next? Basterds assign all tasks to me even when this lazy bitch in my team is sitting ideal for weeks. And they want everything in one week. FUCKING ASSIGN TO THAT BITCH. Why the fuck overload me. Or at least give me time to deliver you leaking shit bag.

And then my laptop's microphone stopped working. Uugaarrrfhfhhfhfh...

I can hear everything through earphones but 3.5mm jack cannot detect the microphone. I got my laptop's camera repaired last weekend and as soon as I boot the machine today, BANG!!! New problem waiting for and I have calls back to back.


What a shitty day. I wish I can delete this day from the timeline of my life.

And not to forget that humans are the biggest virus. The construction working happening in the backyard of the building constantly annoyed the shit outta me. I couldn't focus.

Got no work done. Totally pissed with a headache now.

Fuck this life. I want to throw stones at these fuckers. Like a Barbarian. Raw. Brutal.

Punch them and smash their faces. I am soooooo fucking pissed throughout the day and I wanted to post this here.

Let's see what more happens, we have 4 more hours before day ends. Fucking morons. Get me out of this money cage.

No, I don't want sympathy. I just wanted to rant here and get this off my chest.

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    I r baboon
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    A+ rant, I felt that in my bones. Hugs or a stiff drink if ya need it.
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    get out of there, man
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    @Elyz honestly, I don't even remember when I had my last hug. Much needed. Thanks.

    @iiii trying my best man.

    @pagalprogrammer haan bhai. Coffee gives me anxieties so cutting it down again.
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    @F1973 same doe. I mean the pandemic isn't helping either but 🤷
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    It sounds like you are on the brink of this.. 😅😅
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    And while I'm at it... (I simply couldn't resist)
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    Arrange for them to have close encounters with mugger crocodiles.
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    @Elyz what if pandemic does not interfere with hugs at all because I'd had zero anyway? 🤔
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    @iiii I mean. I wouldn't have hugs either but now I have an excuse for not remembering what it feels like 🤭
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    My condolences!

    They’re bloody incompetent and utterly useless, yet somehow you are at fault and punished for understanding and being capable. Sounds about right.
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    @Elyz pandemic is shit. I am starting to hate it now.

    @SortOfTested they'd even fail me there..

    @Root I know. It's illegal to be sane in this insane world.
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    I looked but could not find the expansion for this particular abbreviation.
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    @-red this is globally know Indian word. How can you not understand this?
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    In a country with so many so called "engineers", statistically speaking, we're bound to meet such morons at some point in our lives.
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    @F1973 Haha I was joking man. 😂
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    I hereby declare this rant is straight up kiki. Your coworkers are 100% boubas
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    @uyouthe what does kiki mean? What does boubas mean?

    @-red hahaha yes there are tons of idiots.
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    I'm probably one of those baboons but right now, I feel more related to yourself.

    Have a beer you good man
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    A proper rant! Well done
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    This rant satiates me. A proper beautiful rant, Baba!
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    I feel you on this as I've had days just like that. At big companies there are almost always leaches and idiots who will drag you down.

    If you want advice, get a new job, maybe with a smaller/leaner company with employees of verified skill. Or if you're feeling at the end of your rope, calmly tell someone higher up the chain about the idiots and if you're lucky they'll clear them out and re-hire competent people.
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    @wicho I seriously think I should start drinking Beer to relax myself these days.

    @AtuM @Cyanide lol thanks.

    @Aphorist yes. Big corporates suck. I am on job hunt but these stressful times are making it difficult to find a new job in a crashed economy.

    The management is even more stupid and I find these baboons more intelligent than management.
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    I like the use of bhenchod there. 2 cents for appropriate usage.
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    @boomgoat Hahahahaha lol thanks.
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    If you go on rampage, can I give you some names to murder too ? My list is pretty long.
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    Love this A+ rant, you want beer? I’ve been there and was smoking weed all day. Yes, before work, before lunch, after lunch, after work and at midnight.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Also, don’t forget to go around and say “I’m going vegan because I’m sick of you peace’s of bacon” when you quit, it felt good for me
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    @F1973 Looks like you are in deep shit. The classic Indian meme 'are maa chudi padi hai' fits here
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    @scorpionk haan bro. Total gaand mari hui hai. Chutiyapa hai and I can only imagine there exist better workplace than this with better people and better pay.
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    @F1973 Ofcourse there are many better workplaces in India.
    The problem is the no of applicants are way too much in such a populated country. So some bullshit companies take advantage of this situation and exploit employees by making their each living day as a hell
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    @scorpionk Yes. Because of supply demand we are fucked. Population is a curse to us.
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    @F1973 look out for better options bro. Don't stay there.
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    @scorpionk Yes, doing that.
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    Technically, if B has correct seperate systems to interact with A and C then A could conceivable not affect C. 🤷‍♂️
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    @kwilliams shhhh, the PM must not know about this loophole. Never say that in public again.
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    @kwilliams won't B then be B1 and B2 in such case, if they are separate?
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