I’ve noticed a bug in HR that I would like to report. Steps to reproduce:

1. Get offer on LinkedIn/Email
2. Respond politely and optimistically that you’re interested but would like to scale down you’re hours to 32 per week, changes in pay are accepted.

Result: 404 Not found

Expected result: I’m only human let me work part time pls

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    Japan is already reflexively readying the hammer for the nail that sticks out 🤣
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    32 hours is not part time.
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    32 hours and part time? It's like working four days instead of five ...

    By the way from what I'm experiencing lately on LinkedIn, is that either you obey or you are ignored, HR people don't seem to like negotiation these days ...
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    @F1973 Unfortunately sad but true, its even worse is that they do the following:

    You will improve here, you will be better working with us, but we will offer less than what you earn right now, yet our business model is identical to your current employer ...
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    I've still managed to stay off the toxic wasteland that is LinkedIn thus far when it comes to searching for jobs - I'm surprised so many go for it.
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    @F1973 Unfortunately true :\
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