"I think" I fucked up.

I am interviewing for a good position with solid start-up having good fundamentals.

The first round was taken by a friend who referred me.

Second round was with hiring manager and I had mentioned AI/ML thing on my resume.

I don't have extensive knowledge but I am learning and started working on it at my current job.

We started off well with discussions where problem solving was going good.

I then spoke about AI/ML and he caught me off guard and grilled me like fucking toast.

I was sweating bullets and got super confused.

He directly mentioned why'd I put all that in resume if I don't know and I said I have added because I am working on it lately.

He said, this will help you get initial calls but can land you in trouble if you don't back it up.

I was honest with my response saying I am still learning, explained him whatever I knew and mentioned what I didn't knew. He said I started off well and got nervous.

He really liked and was impressed with my side projects.

Towards the end I ask for feedback and he counters me asking how would I rate this interview. Good guy. Gave me good feedback saying never put all the in resume and getting nervous could impact on field role at their company.

I still have 3 rounds pending on Friday and he said complete them and they will get back to me with final verdict.

When I asked him about the role it seemed he was looking positive as he asked me to continue researching about the products and competitors and even shared a link for what I'd be working on (when I get selected).

The profile fits well and I am going through a strong referral and this was just one fuck up but I never lied.

Interviewer was very mature and handled it well and continued the interviewer by asking 3/4 more questions. I answered them confidently and he was supportive.

I am confused but not sure what's next. I reached out to my friend who referred and he said that's fine, not to worry and continue with the interview.

I'll keep you all posted.

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    That doesn't sound bad.

    It sounds like you and he weren't on the same page as far as AI/ML and then you got back on track with what you meant on the resume and etc.

    That sounds fine. Resume's aren't easy to understand what exactly folks mean, often the interviews are really about figuring that out.
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    1. True doesn't sound bad. Just that I had weird experience

    2. That company is all about AI/ML. That's their primary forte/domain

    3. I had my resume heading reading AI/ML which is why the mess.
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    @scout what now?
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    It sounds like he likes you. Probably respected the fact that you admitted you didn't know something instead of trying to BS your way out of the question. He might be curious why you applied to a company whose primary focus is AI/ML if you aren't very knowledgeable in the field yet, though.

    Still, it seems like you've got a chance.
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    @EmberQuill so the friend said they don't expect me to know AI/ML and no PM knows it and asked me to relax.

    Even I think I got a chance because of my honesty.

    Fingers crossed.
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    Well, we'll hope you have a good luck buddy, be positive :D
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    @SoldierOfCode thanks pal :)
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    @F1973 nothing, kahan kuch bola maine :p
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    @scout you and your weird reactions all day.. everyday..
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    @F1973 ha ok m weird
    Rotlu insan.
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    @scout fine.

    *Stops texting*

    Let's see who panics when I am away for 2 minutes 😏😏😏
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    @F1973 over confidence k shikaar.
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    @scout duning kruger effect 😂😂😂😂😂

    But for someone, I still be in that 2% so yeah whatever 😎
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    Sounds like you recovered well. But fuck, how many rounds are there?
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    @F1973 yeah well that I admit.
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    Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Some folks hiring process seems like a marathon and ... I'm not sure the outcomes are that much better.
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    @F1973 By getting nervous, you probably rambled excuses in desperation. Even if you didnt willingly lied, it probably seemed that way. Busted 👀
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    @webapp first HR and then VP screening and then case study followed by 5 rounds.

    But it's a crazy good company with solid reputation.

    @Benutzername that's the thing, I never made any excuses or lied.
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    That's why I am usually very specific about what I put in my resume. I won't just put "computer vision", I say segmentation, super resolution, camera calibration/alignment....
    Things I actually have hands-on experience in, so I am confident enough to discuss under pressure.
    I am not sure it is a good advice, but I am really scared of being "shamed" in an interview.
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    @NickyBones It's the endless battle figuring out what company A thinks tech Y is all about and company B thinks tech Y it is something else...
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    @NickyBones I wasn't shamed. It just we weren't on same page (as the other user pointed out).

    @N00bPancakes this. It varies company to company and it's really difficult to gauge.

    An HR just called me after a week saying they got a negative feedback about my first round and case study I submitted. And hence, they'd like to schedule my next round. WTF!!!!
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    @F1973 LOL I had feedback like that once. The interview went sideways a bit. I chalked it up to a learning experience and didn't expect to hear anything.

    Then HR called me to do another interview, I was all wut? I told them I didn't get the impression that things went well the first round and asked how they thought it went.

    They just said they wanted to schedule it (a strange answer) and even though I wasn't in a position to turn it down (needed a job)... I did.

    Like maybe that was how the technical guy just 'is', always unimpressed and a little abrasive... but I'm not interested in working for that.

    I also wondered if they just 'had' to do another round with more than one person...

    Either way it seemed like a waste of everyone's time.
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    @N00bPancakes hahaha yeah best experiences are always unexpected.

    In my case it seems the person they were interviewing failed and they need a quick replacement so opted me for backup option.

    Couple of things going on. Hopefully should close a deal soon.

    At this point I can take whatever comes. Not in a position to chose.
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    I hope everything turns out the best way possible for you ✌️

    Side history: I had to remove one of my previous jobs from my CV, because I was in just for the money(I whore myself working in php at that place). So I left that place when I got the first higher paid offer with no PHP included. That made me a little unpopular with recuirters so I decided to ditch that ou 😅
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