Good explanation don’t you think

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    Hardware is hard, software is soft

    I can touch my hard dick but I can’t touch my mushy brain Inside

    At least that’s how I learned it
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    @010001111 you actually can touch your brain and you know it.

    I can hit software with an imaginary hammer so wrong metaphor again, wroooooong, excuse me sir you’re wroooooong
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    @uyouthe How? It would be an master peace of act in order to cut my head open and somehow touch it before I die
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    @uyouthe Oh I got it, just drill in your ear until you hit it, then stick your finger inside before I fall over from missing balance

    God, I’m so smart
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    @010001111 trepanations are safely done in 2020 without any kind of risk. Your brain doesn’t feel pain so your touch should be supervised for you not to damage the brain, but if everything is sterile you won’t kill yourself by just touching your own brain. They open it, you slightly touch it and they close it. That’s it. It can be done if you’re brave enough and ready to do all this paperwork.

    What you can’t do is to lick it. But still not because of fatal conceptual limitations but merely because of physiology.
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    @uyouthe What a bummer. I’m a big eyeballs-lick-lover, but the brain... gosh... new life goals.
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    @010001111 that’s my actual fetish though, the other one is when somebody wash my hands for me
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    @uyouthe That’s what I do when I meet a coworker on the toilet in order to not talk with him, that’s super awkward.

    But because of corona, I can only wash one of his hands :/
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