Be me. shitty front end dev intern. React god.

boomer tech company using ASP.NET MVC frameworks. Hey energy-vampire, can you make us some sick react components???


get sent giant mvc repo. I've never used it. no documentation. no comments. nothing. just a fat app.

why do companies do this? I literally had no idea what to do with this thing. went to main guy and he had to build a .sln project, link it to some other project, setup an appsettings.json file, import secrets, and then build.

how the fuck would I know to do that???

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    Time to learn.

    A lot of programming is to define what needs to be done ... then figure out how to do it.
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    - read the docs
    - convert the views to endpoints that serve the model as a payload
    - write a react component to consume it following the template rules outlined in the view template
    - replace the markup in the view with the react component
    - contribute to the problem of boomer IT orgs dropping entire frameworks on a given page and calling it a spa.
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    would be nice if they could provide some technical documents like a proper company to get me going...

    I didn't even know this was their plan. they just asked me if I could make some fancy webpage with animations, graphs, data, and everything pretty. they said to use whatever lib/framework I wanted. then they said put it in their mvc app lol
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    It's going to be your easiest option. They'll likely just want to serialize a bunch of data onto the page and JSON.parse into existence before passing it to your component. These are people who think sending the entire payload every time someone makes a request is a grand idea after all. 🤣
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    @energy-vampire Well what's a front end without a back end? ;)

    You're an intern.

    90% of the time when I worked with interns I JUST wanted to see some good independent effort.

    I often didn't even care if the outcome was great, or even worked.... I just wanted to see them not stop at roadblocks and try to get through it.

    I don't know if that's what it is like where you are, but just keep on trying.
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    Writing a well documented read me file with how to actually build the app will gain you some positive points from your team. You can approach this backend person and tell them, "since there is no readme file, and I might end up asking a lot of questions, why don't we go together through building the whole app, and I can document the process to add it to the non-existent README file. I will also add all my relevant questions in a faq section too".

    This would go a long way for any future developers joining this project.

    In my team, everytime we have someone new join the team, we ask them to ask as many questions and build the app themselves using the existing readme, and whatever they get stuck on, they need to update it. This helped in keeping an updated readme that works across different devices and also avoided the bias of existing team members.
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    Omg are we working together? 👀
    This hits too close home.
    I have seen people fetch complete views an extracting specific dom element out of it. For example on an search keyup event.
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    @some-dev damn that's actually some really great advice. I'll have to do that.
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    Sounds just like my previous employer. They typically have a pool of seniors that have worked on the project for a millionty billionty years. Everybody knows what's going on and so they never write any documentation whatsoever. They start hiring juniors, but they jump ship half a year later.
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