What does GNU really mean?

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    It's recursive (cursing again and again)
    'G'NU 'N'ot 'U'nix
    Founded by Richard Stallman, its based on a philosophy of true freedom..
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    @aki237 it is indeed a wildebeest, at lest in Dutch i know it's called gnoe (pronounced gnu)
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    @aki237 @liammartens Good to know. I had no Idea..
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    @akska well put.. Now i get it
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    Don't forget WINE (WINE Is Not Emulator), cURL (Curl URL Request Library), Nano (Nano's Another editor), PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor), RPM (RPM Package Manager) and YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language)
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    @fyzrn damn, thanks for these little facts 😁
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    @aki237 so where are micro, femto, ...? :D
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    G indicates a message that goes on, N indicates not logged and U indicated that it is turned around at the end of the line.

    According to Pratchett
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    @liammartens How can I be Dutch, 21 years young, open source freak and not knowing about this...
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