The temporary friends you meet in "Among Us" makes the game even more charming. Many players are overly aggressive assholes then you meet that one player who's into the childish shit you are into. Hiding behind a box, standing on top of each other, celebrating with party or flamingo hats then boom, one of you disconnects.

CallMeKevin had three episodes where he always had that one random homie. He didn't find them ever again. There was a time he was an impostor and he proved it to that same "friend" he just met in that lobby a few minutes ago by getting into a vent in front of him. In every emergency meeting, the guy vouched for his innocence and the impostors won even though the homie was a crewmate.

I'm rambling. I just like how the game was designed. Of course, there are far more people who lose their shit for someone lying when that's literally what the game is about. Users will always be dumb no matter what.

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    Among Us takes me back to the old days of mobile games, when then were actually unique and interesting, not just utter shit
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    @10Dev I like that *almost* anyone is willing to play it. I have a group that likes games like Minecraft, a group who only plays Warhammer kind of games, and a group who doesn't like playing games at all. But somehow with this game, they are all willing to play.
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    @10Dev let's be real. Among Us is a *very* elaborate fog.com flash game.
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    @rutee07 speaking of Minecraft, is your devRant server still up?
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    @RememberMe No. Ranchonyx created a new server.
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