Webtoon's app finally brought out a dark theme, but unfortunately it's too dark.
Like, it's the wrong shades and hurts eyes. 😕

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    If you're on Android, I can't recommend Tachiyomi enough: https://github.com/inorichi/...
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    use Tachiyomi instead
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    I shall see to it... Some day 😛
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    @NoMad "Yeah I'm free this afternoon, so we can do that"

    By the way, don't forget to check the settings (especially viewer related ones) depending on what you read the most (e.g. manga, webtoons, manhwa, etc.)
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    @Jilano you're free, but I have chores. The laundry won't do itself despite me repeatedly telling it so. Neither does the mopping of floors.
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    @NoMad If someone were to ask, you haven't heard it from me, but @rutee07 knows how to clone stuff. Just sayin'
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