FX [ Windows 10 update happens.. ]

FX [ Notices SSD use up... ]

FX [ Checks auto-defrag option is off.. ]

Bloody thing is ON !!!

I keep turning it off, but oh no, Windows likes to do an update and turn the bloody thing on again !

Stop wearing out my SSD with defragging you bastards !

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    Who cares about your defrag, it always resets my disabled devices and volume and it’ll BLAST ITS ANNOYING SYSTEM SOUNDS IN MY HEARS BLIIIINNGGGGG DEAD EARS
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    I don't think I've thought about defraging in windows since dos...
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    Some applications get unreasonably slow without it.

    Even if you are running 10k rpm drives.

    I've only upgraded half my drives to SSD, no budget for the rest !

    Something I like to do occasionally.

    Last time I fiddled with it, I'd set it to defrag the HD's once a month, and leave the SSD ones alone.

    When I check it, all drives are down to be defragged once a week..

    No that isn't what I wanted..

    Trouble with windows updates, they like to change your previous settings.
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    This rant made me dig a bit into the windows 10 ssd optimization process.
    Here is a good article that was written in conjunction with the windows storage team https://hanselman.com/blog/...

    Summary of the optimization process:
    - Windows by default defragments you SSD once a month. This is actually important and should be enabled.
    - In addition the SSD needs to be trimmed regularly, because windows still handles SSDs like HDDs.
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    I'm glad to see that I've got TRIM enabled.

    Related link:



    I should try and get windows to defrag once a month, but not once a week !
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    Of course, I run into another problem..

    Two of my SSD's are now reported as:

    > Optimization not available.

    They used to be !

    Related link:


    Will try some of the suggestions there..
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    Tried suggestions, aka:

    Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter c -ReTrim -Verbose

    But get the following error:


    VERBOSE: Invoking retrim on Workspace (W:)...

    VERBOSE: Retrim: 100% complete.

    Optimize-Volume : The volume optimization operation requested is not supported by the hardware backing the volume.


    Well, that isn't very helpful !

    I used to be able to defrag it..

    Now I can't. :-(
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    Maybe this answers the question:



    However to answer the original post, not all SSD's support the trim option, which is probably why you can't optimize it.


    I can manually defrag it via Windows PowerShell, but I can't trim it..

    But I used to be able to analyse / defrag without having to go all command line.
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    Odd thing I notice, one SATA SSD windows now reports its a SCSI SSD..

    I also found it might need a firmware update..

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    I just love how the manufacturers update tool, can't find the SSD to update the firmware..

    Though I might have already updated it in the past, since there was an older version already installed.
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