God, I hate python and its ecosystem with a passion! I feel like because of it being so popular amongst non-programmers 99% of the python code one has to deal with is just plain garbage. Also, fuck your shitload of dependencies who all fail to install!

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    I do embedded stuff and Python is ideal for scripts. I use it for data conversion, doing measurement series, interactive plotting, etc.

    The best part is that it is easy to use for people without much programming experience. It is simple to run, modify and extend. This saves me a lot of work.
    My non-programmer colleges often send a modified version of a script I made them back. I extract, optimize and reactor the core functions and add them to our product-utility module, which they can then use to get even more automated by themselves.

    Clearly it is not used in production, but it helps a lot during development, testing and certification.
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    Might want to look into a sandboxing environment like virtualenv, conda, or Docker. I've not had issues installing python stuff after using those.

    @Scade this. I think a lot of people overlook Python's ability to get stuff done super fast and easy and focus too much on it being sLoW and nOt GreAt FoR cOrE iNfraStRUctUre. I mean duh, it's a scripting language, a specialized tool, with stuff it's good for and stuff it's not.
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    I just hate Python because TAB.
    And nothing else.
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    Tbh I've started considering python as bash with a dedicated user-base. It has really good stuff but the market is bloated by ugly solutions that some dev used for some small-time scripting scenario and was mistakenly consumed in a production codebase.
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