When it comes to installing/accessing banking services I admit I become a total noob. Each bank has a different solution or different version of the same solution used at some other bank. A few times I was helping out accountants to access ebanks across several countries. It took us two full days. I was on phone with support most of the time.Even problems like "Perhaps you had not registered this certificate to this username" popped up - a shot in the dark from my part that proved to be the solution.
I have no idea how an ordinary user with not much computer skills is supposed to set this up.

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    That's why companies like Stripe are monstrously profitable 😸
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    I used to work extensively with payment gateways & banks - they have some of the worst, most outdated and clunky APIs going, and that's if you can even get them working. Some of them were also the least secure, worryingly.

    It's a world where SOAP is often considered the "new hotness." In one particular case, the API protocol we were given worked on the TCP layer, specified what specific bytes had to go in what place, and had some hideous custom encryption algorithm going on that I'm pretty sure anyone in the crypto space could have ripped to shreds in seconds. Another one we used simply used IP address whitelisting as its *entire* authentication. That's it guys, supply a public username from a known good IP and you can do whatever you like 😬
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    Truth. I still have EDI PTSD from working with clearinghouses.
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