Looking for some career advice. I am currently working as a frontend dev in a design studio (because it just made sense to do so and I do enjoy it). When I started off my professional career, I decided to go frontend and then at some point (maybe) do a transition towards backend. At this point, 2 years later, its looking more like a transition to a fullstack position if there ever is a transition.

Problem is, by next year, I will become a senior frontend dev in a design studio. This sounds to me like I have stamped out a frontend career. Would someone hire me (who is looking for a transition) as anything else than a frontend dev at that point?

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    Become senior frontender at your company you like. But negotiate that you'll do a course in back end. For example going friday and saturday to University or something. Sell the benefits of doing that to your employer.
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    @heyheni Good call. I guess the chief issue is that my employer just doesn't do backend stuff at all so I may not even be able to realistically stay as much as I would like to.
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    @theuser look it'll pay for your back end education and the senior title will insure your income. Give it another two years and it'll look good on your resume. And after that you got some certifactes / degree that will allow you to transition smoothly into back end or full stack. Best of luck.
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    @heyheni Alright, thanks man
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