Could someone explain to this old fart what the kiki and bouba thing I keep seeing around the place is all about? Is it something to do with Köhler's work, or just something the urban dictionary hasn't yet catalogued?

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    It is something to do with that work. One user just uses those words as "cool person" and "bad person"
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    I was the one who arbitrarily assigned meanings to the famous linguistic experiment entities:

    Bouba = bad and cringe
    Kiki = cool and good

    I’m happy to be famous.
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    @uyouthe you're bouba
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    @Elyz it was just a regular morning when I visited devrant. You know, the usual. I immediately thought I was still dreaming when I saw this, but world around me seemed real. This was it. They added the “bouba alert” tab near mentions.

    I opened it and there was just one item.

    Your comment.
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