My family absolutely did not support me. Throughout my life my parents wanted me to become an accountant (like my sibling) and encouraged me to pursue that. In 8th grade I initially broke the news that I wanted to get into software development and was told "computers won't be around for another 10 years (this was probably around 2010), don't go into something so stupid". For reference, we had 1 family computer up til 2008 which we had limited amounts of time with.

Every year after, up until the end of 12th grade I told them I planned on going into software dev, and they got angrier each time, before finally they stopped speaking to me for a short time over that summer after I told them I had been accepted into university for computer science.

Now, in my final year, they still think i'm throwing my life away. Their disapproval is what has been motivating me the most, to prove to myself that I can support myself and create good things.

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    I am completely unable to understand how on earth they would even half believe what they were saying is anywhere within the vicinity of true?! I mean, without getting into the whole "parents should be supportive" part (which they failed miserabely), what the hell made them think that?

    Good on you for sticking to it! It's a bloody great industry to be in and will be for ages! I recommend you force them to watch a presentation by Uncle Bob called The future of programming. That should shut them up.

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