No, my family did not support me.
They complained about everything.
From how "Python was demonic" to how "Working with computer wont save you from the coming tribulation"

Growing up in a religious cult sucks.

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    The part about python isn't actually that wrong.
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    The coming tribulation 😂!
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    It is stupid, glad that I dont have any contact with them anymore
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    I grew up in a cult too. Actually I'm still here working actually. I still deal with my religious family even though I've deconverted. And this pandemic has been hell to deal with them.

    I'm leaving soon though. Been working on getting hireable.
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    Just become the next Terry Davis xD
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    You are stuck there?

    Do they know that you have deconverted? Or do you just pretend in order to survive?
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    They kinda know but I just pretend mostly, especially at work. I'd say I'm stuck since I've never worked or lived outside of the place. Finding a place to live, finding work, it's all new.
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    They seemed to have a eerie insight in Python for being a religiuos cult...
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    Where I live Google is an american enemy and they are trying to build a "national google" as they say. 😄
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    @Farshad Well, actually it's not really bad to see Google as an enemy, many people here from all around the world can confirm.

    But as a "hamvatan", I can feel what are you talking about ;-)
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    I went the opposite route: webt from devout atheist (lol) to irreverent cult member.

    Well if being the LEADER of a cult counts as being a MEMBER. I think its kinda ubderselling myself and the role though. Always humble like that.

    Hi, you may address me as god.
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