I have started to learn Python and have ventured to the usual places to try and learn. Udemy, YouTube, Mimo app, and Programming Hub app.

I'm familiar with programming languages like c#, and JavaScript but have never become proficient in any of them. I'm hoping I can change that with Python.

Im looking for anything I can get. Advice, links, books, not sure what else there is. If it will help me learn and hopefully retain the info than I'm all for it.


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    Docs and practice. Books are good. It just takes time. You only build skill by writing code and solving problems. You hit the wall, you climb the wall, you find the next wall and you climb that too.
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    In my experience, I learn by putting myself as a client position, I said myself "I want a system to register my products so I can fetch them all, and I want to be able to edit them" for example, and then I started looling in the docs the specific stuuf I needed for that job to be done, so instead of learn random information I learn what I need and find a use for it in the real world
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    @SortOfTested How do I upvote your comment twice?
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    Try some coding challenges, you subconsciously master a language if you solve problems with it.
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    I started learning python with adventofcode.com . Since I didn't have any project Ideas at that time and December was around the corner I did that. I also used to compare execution times with a friend.

    Doing stuff that interest you is usually all you need to learn something. Doing a project for a tutorials sake is usually easy, but doing your own stuff motivates me personally more.

    As an example, when I hit my server for old images, I noticed my Harddrives spinning loudly for a short time. I then thought of getting them do do music. My first attempt failed. Yesterday I then had the thought of using my 3d printer for music since I didn't have anything to print. To get an easy rythm I used a lib to parse an osu! beatmap for me. Worked out nicely: https://youtu.be/pA_AcPswGDY
    Later I did the same with hdds and it also worked (I just use an index file to read a bunch of files from various places fast).

    Totally quirky and useless but I learned more Rust that way. And I was motivated.
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    @antxony That's also an interesting Idea. If that motivates you than sure, why not.

    EDIT: Also: Welcome to devrant @antxony !
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    @stub Maybe a project idea: Create a script that prevents you from going afk and whatever game you like to play. You can use "pynput" to do mouse and keyboard presses.
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    @LinusCDE That's an interesting thought. I hate how some games have such a short afk timeout. Also it would be nice to be able to afk farm resources on some games like Life Is Feudal.
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    @theabbie can you provide any links? I'm dying to get better beyond the initial beginning stages of learning. I've been all over the net trying to ingest anything I can but lack confidence. I feel like a script kiddie copying code from youtube videos because I don't know where to begin otherwise. It's very disconcerting to say the least.
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    @stub Try challenges from Hackerrank, Codeforces, Leetcode etc.
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    @theabbie thanks. I'll check them out. Just got done with a very simple Rock, Paper, Swissors game I found on helloworldprogram.com . Lots of good info on that site as well and it has several projects you can do.

    The next one is a twitter bot. Could be fun.

    After I may try to make a webpage using Python, Django, Flask, and or Brython on the dark web and host it myself. I think that's possible. I'll have to do some more reading as I'm mostly talking out my ass and haven't done near enough research about the subject.

    I know folks will say use JS but I'm not interested in doing that. I'll probably try out Dart soon as I despise anything Oracle. But that's a whole other subject really.

    One thing I've come to realize is that when I made my Resume with HTML and CSS, which I really enjoyed, instead of just writing it out normally, it seemed to help me retain the info a little better because I was putting to use what I was trying to learn.
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    @theabbie I'd written a better and longer response but the character limit got into the way.
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    @stub It's fine, you will be doing great
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    @antxony good idea like when I as making a resume with HTML and CSS I'd look up the things I wanted to make it look good.
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    Thanks for all the wonderful advice. I really appreciate it. Hope everyone has a great week.
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