Key Generation.

Can anybody point to a informative page on how exactly the typical game keys in 4/5 char blocks are created and what data is held in the backend?

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    @linuxxx hoping you know something on that topic
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    "Partial key verification" is something you may want to google. I haven't used it myself, but I remember that keyword.
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    The key generation nowadays are zoomers
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    I have no clue 😅
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    Aight. I just made a 5-pair secure random number with between 1e+8 and 1e+9, convert each pair into base62 and stored the sum of each number as base36 inside the DB. I hope that takes the least amount of storage.

    To validate I simply split the pairs again, convert the base62 into numbers and add the numbers again.

    I also had a encryption method without storing a checksum in the DB, but that couldn't be done in order to secure trace each created key.
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    @010001111 What's your goal here? Saving bytes? Protecting keys in case of DB leak? Something else? If you don't want fancy math and benefits of PKV, why don't you just store raw keys as strings? Also, how are you going to verify key validity? Will it work offline?
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