When it comes to job hunt, i feel so bad.
Specially when i apply through angels.co

Like wait a second before you reject my CV or my application just talk to me.

Take a look on my projects, my will to do, my interest.

Damn i feel so desperate sometimes i feel like they are not real job vacancies just someone messing around.

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    I feel your bro.

    The Hiring People Industrial Complex is brutal.

    Everything is opaque, decisions seem random, brutal stuff.

    Hang in there man.
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    @N00bPancakes like it's more a need. Other than a simple request.
    I should never give up
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    @Mb3leb I just got rejected because an interviewer didn't know how to interview and when I checked Glassdoor, there were so many negative feedbacks for that interviewer from applicants interviewing for the same position in last few weeks.
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    And is it just me or I am seeing a lot of job related posts on dR off late?

    I mean a lot of us are struggling to get/switch a job. So not sure whether the markets are fucked or we are.
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    @F1973 well in my country it's a need, we are living a very shitty economical crisis. And i have to leave asap.
    If you are wondering where i am from, i am from lebanon
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    @Mb3leb holy fuck!! I hope you are doing good bro and if you need any help, just let me know.

    I can guide on resume making, presentation and some non tech questions thing which can help you interviews. Devs often need help in non tech field which I am good at.

    Yes, please upgrade your skills and leave asap.

    Which country are you targeting?

    I too want to leave asap but unlike you, the economy is little stable but can topple any moment since more and more people are losing jobs.
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    @F1973 lol, thanks man i really appreciate your help. See that a quite a need more than a normal request.

    Well i am trying my best, i am just waiting for them to call to ace the interview. They are not even willing to take this initiative.

    Hopefully soon. Let's wish for it
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    @Mb3leb which means resume shortlisting is failing at ATS, HR, or Hiring Manager level.

    I have been there. Solved the problem and failed at next steps.

    If you want, connect me on LinkedIn and we can discuss.

    Else try the Google's resume format of X-Y-Z approach.

    Achieved or impacted X, with measure of Y, by doing Z.

    Also, craft your resume as per keywords and job description to bypass ATS filters and dumb HRs who work mechanically.

    Also check this page that I built. Most will not be relevant as it's for my field by check the resume and behavioural question section.


    All the best homie. We shall get there..
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    @F1973 what's your linkedin so we can connect and share with you my cv so you can judge
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    @Mb3leb If you are looking at angel.co many of the companies there are American startups, so it helps to put your Visa status or work authorization on your resume. I had to do that and got a noticeable change in my response rates. This was 3 years ago, not sure if much has changed since then.

    They're not likely to hire people for whom they have to submit visa paperwork. If you need that, then I suggest you look at bigger firms like Cisco, VMWare, etc.

    And condolences if you are in mourning right now.
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    @justamuslimguy thanks man i really appreciate your words.

    But i live in Lebanon, and definitely i need visa and paper work job. That's why i am searching for any company that cover visa sponsorship before applying
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    @Mb3leb Did you do college or masters in US? If not it will be very tough, but here are some companies I remember which filled many H1B visa requests:

    Juniper Networks,
    Palo Alto Networks,
    MS,FB,apple,Google also but those are well known
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    @justamuslimguy well i should consider your options. Thanks a lot
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    Europe is probably an easier jump. there's a lot more competition for h1b jobs.
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    @SortOfTested disagreement.
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    I feel you right now, tired of "thank you, but unfortunately" emails
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    @volttide like these days, any email starting from or having subject as "Thank you" scares me.

    The other day I purchased something from Amazon and got Thank you in email and saw it in notif, I skipped a beat. Lol
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    @F1973 I'm scared there's a day I'm starting to delete any emails that started with "Thank you for" lol
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    He's from lebanon. He'll have to compete with a flood from India and China.

    If he gets hired by a german company, f/e, getting a visa is much easier and not tidally locked to the application window for a given year. They also don't even have skilled labor standards for IT jobs. That is objectively easier and statistically more likely to succeed.
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    @SortOfTested getting into EU is equally difficult.

    Look at me for example.
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    I don't think it's a good comparison. You're in a country with a pipeline that outperforms its application rate to the US annually by 7% in terms of awards. Everyone else fights for the scraps in that process, even china is a distant second.
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    @SortOfTested well your comments are giving me hope. Thanks a lot
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    @SortOfTested no my point is, getting into Europe from India especially is equally difficult on merit basis. Visa comes next.

    Once selected for a job, getting visa is equally difficult.

    Or maybe you are correct and I am just confused and not in right mind to explain this at 03:30 in the morning.
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    Let's just move on, this about helping leb-anon, not the price of biryani in Karnataka ­čśő
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    @Mb3leb I'm sure you've thought a lot but another option is Dubai/Saudi/other gulf countries. The pay tier is like Saudi first, then Dubai, then it goes down from there and I think Kuwait is lowest pay of the gulf countries. But again could be outdated info these days.

    I have a cousin who worked in Saudi for like 8 years and then that experience helped him transfer to the US and he made a lot of money in that time too. The Gulf states have good relations with the US so the jump is easier from there and you'll make very good money.
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    @justamuslimguy yea sure, but i want to gain european experience instead of gulf.
    I have a plenty ways to earn money but have a decent life is only by having a sponsor
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    @Mb3leb Did you send me a request on LI?
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    @F1973 yes i follow you and my initials are R.A but i couldn't sens you a message
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    @F1973 sure send me a message
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