Trying to push my development career towards being a full stack web dev and got a really sick job doing exactly this. Now my company is trying to go Salesforce. 🙁🙁🙁🙁

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    That's rough. Never actually worked with it. I've heard horror stories though
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    Force platform looks interesting. Have you tried it yet?
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    The new salesforce lightning stuff is pretty cool. Dunno what it's like where you live but in UK salesforce developers earn alot more - so I've been told!
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    Did you tried 'git reset --hard' yet?
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    @Jumpshot44 I've had a little bit of a look around and looks okay. Ive been using asp.net core and angular2 lately for work and im loving it. Im learning so much too. Im more disappointed that i wont get to work with that as much and instead will have to learn salesforce which im not as interested in. 😕
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    Salesforce on its own isn't too bad.
    The pain points are trying to integrate your own stack into it.

    We had to migrate our "hybrid" CRM system into salesforce. 6 months on, we're still at it.

    As for lightning, stay away from it! It's one of those slow crappy client side rendered goliaths. And you lose alsorts of functionality that is so important.
    You can't put contact names into emails when sending from an opportunity, and they've only just added the calling interface into the main interface.

    Can honestly say though, it's good to have knowledge on it, its programming language is a stripped down version of Java, and it means you won't be asked to build alsorts of different dashboards, since it's already done.
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