Client : We want to develop this particular software. While developing it, we will be following Agile methodology.

Developers: Sure.

After developer achieves few features and decides to give 1st Demo of the software to the client.

Client : Wtf is this? This is an incomplete software, there are bugs in it.

Developer : Yes, you point that out to me and I will solve them.

Client: What do you mean point them out for you l, couldn't you do it yourself?

Developer: As a standard method, we often do unit tests, but we are not testers and with a strict deadline to match, we are more on the core implementation then checking again and again for minor bugs.

Client : I thought it would be a full proof software without any bugs in the 1st demo.

Developer : Software development is a process. It's not straightforward, hence you only mentioned at the initial, it's agile.

Client : If that's so, let's make it not agile and make you rot in hell for the next few fays. Now you next time show me a demo with no bugs, great complicated features and we will not mention you our expectations, predict them by yourselves, and most importantly, here's an impractical strict deadline.

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    agile is the most unknowingly used buzzword these days. most of the time it is either the team or the stakeholders that don't know the meaning of it. here it is the latter
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    Honestly, the client is clueless on a lot more fronts.
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    I joined a place that 'does agile"... that meant that we do stand ups each morning, that's about it.

    We're a small team so ... I actually don't mind this version of agile...
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    @N00bPancakes agile is whatever meaning you can make out of these 4 lines :
    Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    Working software over comprehensive documentation
    Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    Responding to change over following a plan

    Seriously. everyone has their own definition of agile based on their expertise in english and thoughts and possibly the amount of weed they are high on
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    The word agile is abused in a lot of ways. In my 3-4 years of experience I have never seen agile though teams I had worked claimed to follow them.
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