Attending a virtual conference right now all the recruiter booths are just chatrooms which is super awkward because you are eavesdropping on other conversations. One guy went into all the rooms asking about H1 visa for I assume a family member with his video on and showing his extremely cluttered living room.

When I drop into one of the virtual booths two recruiters are talking about AI, one of the topics of the breakout sessions.

r1 - Whar is AI?
r2 - AI is creepy, like I was searching for rugs on ipad then was on my phone later and saw ads for rugs!!!! OMG so creepy! I am pretty sure this is AI.

No honey,
that is not AI.

My plan is to organize my books during this conference so at least I can win there.

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    Room shaming is so hot right now. 😋

    They usually get it untwisted after a few months here, but I fucking dread new FOBs at work. Having to do the HR dance all over again explaining concepts like, "the contents of the snack closet are for everyone to share, take 1 for use at work, do not take anything home" and "there is no maid, please put your trash in the receptacle." 🤦‍♀️
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