Have any developer here ever gone on strike?

I've been at my company for two years, and know engineers that have been here for 3 years that have never got a single salary raise. A lot of the engineers are afraid to step up to management because of their visas literally being in the company's hands (lucky I'm not one of them).

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of my company playing ring around the rosy with raises and treating engineers like we're not human. Treating us just as cash cows. Yes, it's a business, but if sales, data science, and PMs can be treated with respect, we should as well.

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    Generally what you do is ... you go look for another job.

    Fair or not changing jobs in tech is super common and etc.

    Like those folks there for 3 years, they chose that too, they're sending their own message.
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    Nope, there's no unions for software engineers here.
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    If you go on strike the management will remember and you just put a sign on your head that says trouble-maker or hard-headed.

    When you have already tried to talk to your manager and asked for a raise because you know you are worth more but they still don't give it then just try another company.

    Why stay in a place that can't see your worth?
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    No point in going on strike, nobody will give a fuck. The best thing you can do is find a new job - that way, you can negotiate a new salary.

    If your existing company doesnt want to lose you - then you have some bargaining power.

    If you go on strike then you're just a cunt - it's the equivalent of throwing a tantrum and hoping they'll give you what you want
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    @unsignedint going on strike would make me a cunt? Every other industry can go on a strike besides engineers?
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    @drewbie if you're in software, then you're almost certainly an individual with and individual employment agreement. In this situation, you're the master of your own destiny. All going on strike will do is show that you're a problem.

    If you're sick of your situation, find another job. There are plenty available in the tech industry.

    If you want to be in a unionised industry with a union that specialises in keeping useless people employed, then go work in the public sector
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    @drewbie Most people don't strike.

    Maybe it is different where you are but such events are not that common, and usually involve a union and when / how they strike is relatively rare.

    You might be better off shopping around to see what options you have at places that value you rather than burn a bridge where you are.
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    we were with 5 people representing a department where one person was part of the company where leaving was not an option.

    however we asked for like 6 months for a contract.
    and when we finally got it they asked us to sign it while it was shitty. which resulted us.. 3 days before new years eve. that we did not have a job anymore. that is how I started my 2020. oh boy.. I thought it started shit.. ha ha...

    But 4 devs basically walked away from the company and their whole department was gone.. now they out sourcing the work we did...
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