My internet stops working when I enable Blokada.

What the fuck!!!

Can someone help me with basic setup of the app?

Also is there anything similar for computer where I can keep my host updated and easily toggle it to access and block crap?

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    Same, I didn't know that happened, @Jilano suggested it, he might know
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    @Jilano get your lazy ass here..
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    "new fone who dis"

    Also, here's a link that I hope will help you:

    - https://community.blokada.org/t/...

    PS: Have you rebooted your phone after the installation?

    PS2: I'm late due to my phone rebooting thanks to a Samsung update :D

    (I blame Windows, Reee @Stuxnet)
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    @Jilano yes, I have rebooted it multiple times after installation.

    Will check that thread. Thanks.
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    AdGuard is better because it doesn’t use vpn by default, it uses browser extensions for just ad and tracker blocking and DNS to get them even outside the browser. But if you need a vpn AdGuard has it too
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    @uyouthe Will try. Thanks bro
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