Not dev related but god damn I HATE searching for apartments (to rent)....

fuck the housing market

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    Do you hate the search, or the obscene amount of competition in the German market?
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    @SortOfTested I hate the prices.

    Don't get me wrong, I earn a good salary, but any semi-decent apartment will likely go up to 900-1000 € a month.

    I'm not searching for a "huge2 flat, just 2 to 2.5 rooms, a balcony and some place where I can park my car.

    I'm just really tired of driving 40-60 minutes to work, twice a day.

    And the sheer audacity of the land lords. Demanding a SCHUFA check (a credit score check, which costs money as well).

    Any new building I find is either overly expensive, or comes with "oh there's no kitchen or bathroom, you gotta buy them yourself. Good luck when moving out lol"
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    And whenever I find an offer with a good price, I immediately smell bull shit

    I've seen offers that would cost half the price per m² than others for no apparent reason...
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    I've kind of wanted an empty concrete room with two levels for awhile.

    But yeah, that kind of renter state is something I fear happening here.
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    I'm surprised home Depot sheds aren't a big thing now.
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    @SortOfTested empty concrete room with two levels?

    are you planning to make drugs by any chance
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    Nah, counter tops on top of undercounter fridges and paper screens, propane tank and a large burner. Build your own home adventure.
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    @SortOfTested build your own meth lab adventure™
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