Millennials are getting right f*cked.

Low paying jobs,
Many hours of travel to work because one can't afford to live closeby,
working 10 hour a day, and
there is no hope of owning a home.

Then people say 'oh what do you do when you get home?'

Sleeeep for the limited hours left!

Then your partner says 'oh you just come home to sleep'

Then you have instagram and all these 'influencers' saying go after your dreams... while they very well know they only get paid for heavily edited images.

Wish things were better for everyone.

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    I'll admit I'm curious to know where you live
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    @mrmr I have an idea, but I'd rather let OP share it (if she wants to).

    Anyway, while you can't really change the whole "work hours" etc. easily, you can definitely choose not to waste your limited time on social media and other depressing websites.

    Good luck, I hope your situation will improve soon.
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    But you forget that life really sucked for couple of hundred of thousand years as well.

    Life changes and maybbe a bit tougher but really we have it a lot better than the najority if not 99% of human history.
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    @Jilano but... I only have you left ­čą║
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    Millennial is not a generation, it's a consumer profile!
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    How every line defines my life? Hello sister from another country! ­čÖé
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    Wow , I’m still in uni and have like a year till I graduate, not sure how it’s gonna be like after that
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    @Santaclauze This. People are spoiled and take things for granted. You are entitled to precisely nothing. Be grateful everyday for being born in the time and place that you were. We started out in caves, there's been a long, long road to get to where you can sit warm and comfortable with a full belly and complain about how unfair life is. We are standing on the shoulders of giants.
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    @NOPSledRider i used to complain bout my situation thinking my parents were better off. But even if they were. My grandma went to concentration camps.

    And before that people starved´╝î died of illnesses´╝î wild animals´╝î no running water and the list can continue for a long long time....

    Simple lack of perspective. Its quite easy to set it when looking at human history.
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    @C0D4 It's okay, I forgive you, my son.

    @Santaclauze While I do understand your point, just because something was worse before doesn't mean we can't strive to make things better now. On the contrary, it's important to acknowledge what happened in the past to avoid the same mistakes.

    PS: I don't condone complaining over every single little things without doing anything to improve one's situation, but it's worth noting that nowadays, some people don't have the "tools" to even see if they're going in the right direction.
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    @Jilano i agree. I am really answering to the first sentence “millenials are getting fucked”. First word implies a time aspect which does seem to imply those who arent millenials had it better.

    Sure we should work to what's better. But don't put yourself in a victime position and cry because others might have had it better. First its wrong´╝î second its solves nada´╝î third it shows lack of perspective ;)
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    Everyone here has good points really. On one side it is a matter of perspective...on the other me and my cousins are paying damn near 3x times for our education compared to our previous gen fam members. The hours are long and the pay ain't that good(it is for me, but still) and it ain't about entitlement.

    At work I am making way more than my lead developer, I went the analyst route after feeling that the programmer position was a dead end. The dude complains that he has been working for the same institution for 14 years and is barely making what I am(been at the place for 2 years) and i get it really. But if you don't go out there and bitch about what you want and prove that you deserve it then no one is gonna give it to you. No gold manager will say "<dev> is a great worker, lemme give him mo money"

    Shit is wack everywhere, i believe the younger generation to be better off making shit chsnge for themselves than sticking to what it used to be in the past.
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    @rendezvous you are speaking about one location on the planet.

    Thats not the case everywhere. I mean 100 years ago´╝î what % of the population went to university? You needed to be rich and from a good family. Today´╝î access to education is a lot easier for a LOT more people around the planet. And if its not university its the internet.

    Go to an asian country. Education is affordable and accessible for a much much larger population that it was for a very cert long time.
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    According to the study from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) published in April 2019 this is true.

    Millennials getting squeezed out of the middleclass. When Babyboomers were 30y/o 70% counted to the middleclass. Only 60% of millennials are counted to the middleclass today.

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    personally, I don't know a single friend of mine, who hasn't have some sort of dept problem or struggling to find a decent paying or steady job. This often results in having anxiety and depression.
    And boomers who call millennials lazy and entitled aren't helping either in any way to solve this missery. They're just envy that they're not that young anymore. And saying this makes them feel good.

    However to make this dev related. This scrollytelling website on this topic is super cool made! Check out the animations!

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    @heyheni If you choose to borrow money then that's on you, debt didn't just fall down on your head from clear skies.

    Finding a job with good pay means being able to solve difficult problems. There is always a place for competent people. But this is earned, through your ability to provide value for a company, it is not given to you for merely existing.

    On a sidenote, if you expect to be taken seriously don't use huffingtonpost as a source.
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    I have to disagree with you completely..... low paying jobs are in the start up industry... and big data industry of entry level... get away from California.... entry level jobs in the mid west... Michigan in the automotive tech industry, robotics industry, etc are booming... but nooooo all the Kids wanna work for google and apple and Tesla, and spaceX... therefore all the kids move out there and the job market is flooded with candidates .. THUS.. people are a dime a dozen for entry level jobs. And let’s be realistic, entry level engineers have a lot to learn, just cuz you have a degree don’t mean shit.. still soo much to learn... call the practical world of product engineering. Rather than theoretical world of college . Thus again low paid...

    But again out in the Midwest the pay is equivalent or above what is needed to live comfortably... and of course the more experience you have and knowledge to prove it, the more you pay... there is nothing wrong with the industry... it’s the people who are in it expecting so much
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    @Fast-Nop HAH YES!!! lmfao... all the kids wanna work for some start up.. or some Silicon Valley company where the the chance of success is low unless the company is big named... and nobody wants to touch hardware programming where the really engineering and talent lies... everyone wants to play in abstraction land, and think what they do is unique and worth something... reality is, bring it down to our level, and boom you’ll make millions....
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    @Santaclauze well we technically are.. basically the wealth gap is increasing so there's social inequality, etc. There's some articles about how generational with is a key factor to how well the kids do.
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    And I just realized this rant it's really old....
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    @serverconnected it's not going to be that bad, don't be discouraged before even starting. Also life circumstances and the way they react to it are different for everyone.
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    @frickerg true
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    @billgates meh´╝î life is always tough but today´╝î especially in the western world´╝î you cannot say that you are fucked. Not if you compare yourself to the rest of the world or the rest of history.

    Sure problems are relative´╝î but saying your fucked means you have no option and you are a victim and thats bs. If you can code and you have some brains you cant be fucked.
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    @Santaclauze to a point but but there are a lot of glass ceilings... Anything is possible but for some people it's 50x harder
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    @billgates i never said that it wasnt. Im bitching about the sentence “millenials are fucked” which is only based on immaturity´╝î ignorance and victime kind of thinking. I was there i made that mistake and im correcting some one that is doing the same.

    We all have struggles and some a lot more than others. But generally millenials are not fucked. Your fucked if you are born in a country with years of civil war and if you end as a child soldier.

    Democracy may suck to a certain extent but never in the whole history of humanity have people´╝î in one generation moved from a social status to another. And that goes both ways rich become poor and poor become rich. And that has NEVER existed anywhere at anytime in the whole entire history of humanity.
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    Things that exhaust me more than work even if I do absolutely nothing through the day:
    - being unsure about where to live, what to eat
    - being unemployed
    - blaming myself for whatever reasons
    - just feeing unhappy

    When everything is fine I can work more than 60 hours a week and still feel fresh.

    I was diagnosed with depression a week ago and the depression is the reason why I’m always tired. If you feel the same, chances are it’s not your work to blame. Seek help
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