Old pc problems:
Never know if program is slow because
My code is shit
Or my computer is shit

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    But if it runs good that means you have optimized very well 👍
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    depends on what OS your toaster is running I suppose. I have an old thinkpad from 2011 that would cry any time I booted up windows 10; but I wiped it an installed Arch on it, and now everything I put it through runs like a breeze. Granted it has an SSD and an i5 processor which weren't too shabby in it's time, but also only has 4 GB of ram.
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    @T0D0 In that case, my older sputnik had Slax Linux (6) with kde etc. It served me good until when I was prepping a site and keyboard died.
    Idk how I managed to damage an hdd with just banging a keyboard to table lmao
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    Why not both
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    @T0D0 Well, in my experience Windows 10 will run on any toaster, it can be pretty lightweight if neede, I have Windows 8.1 tho, not great, not terrible
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    Mum wanted me to install Windows 10 on her 2008 vista machine. It now runs faster then on vista.
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    @SoldierOfCode lightweight on a toaster? Lmao like i would believe that
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    computer can be shit....but never code....code is always code...it can't be good or bad.
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