got employed as web developer, had to make an app for test, so i made simple PWA, you can search videos and you have related videos on the side, basically search videos and watch them with simple list of related videos on the side.

idk how i ended up being tester and bug hunter in this huge ass pile of spaghetti extravaganza.

all i do is wasting my talent on hunting and resolving bugs on a legacy-code apps, don't remember when was last time i actually wrote some feature, oh yeah i do, last month but that was refactoring/fixing.

so i am stuck on weird tech stack someone build with shovel, feels like they were having that famous golden hammer.

what interests me is something i will never do at this company and still i am trying to help them to fix the app to have better product.

It is hard when you feel like you are third and last person in whole company that cares about actual product, rest of devs just fixing things with quick workarounds, hacks and lousy patches.

I really tried, I did, I was excited as I saw opportunity to one up the product but got stuck with the rest of the devs fixing bugs instead of fixing the whole codebase, I tried to introduced improvements but we don't have time cause fixing bugs means happy customers, better codebase takes more time and means impatient customers are unhappy!

I think it is time to sail away.

So folks, any thoughts or feelings?

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    Send this to your boss and say "I want to do something cool or I'm out" and see if they re asign you or not...
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