Well, so this time, it's not a joke....it's a moral kinda thing.....
Why do we want something?
We want something because we have the desire to know about it or we have the desire to achieve something or prove ourselves superior.
Why do we want to be superior?
People are so getting into the phrase, "Life is a race, if you don't run, you loose", that they unknowingly have the desire to be superior and fight for it.

This is totally not true. Life is not a race...it's an experience....we learn from life....we learn from everything and everytime we act. Life is not an assest that you race with. So, then why to race? Enjoy life. Gather true knowledge, not the so-called school's exercise book "knowledge".

Until we defeat our desire, till then, we are evils even though we think that we are good.

Desire kills, Defeating desire will give you a true life to live.

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    We want something because a cocktail of chemicals in our brains combined with established neuron connections detect something as potentially pleasurable.

    Killing desire will yield no good whatsoever. You'll become an empty husk, a mindless zombie. Desire is the only thing making you perform any actions.
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    @iiii That is what happens when we are trained like that...why can't we live without gadgets??? why can't we live without any materialistic thing??? Fun can be experienced without these things also.
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    @AalbatrossGuy you're messing everything up. Desire is just a mechanism which is being exploited. It's not bad by itself, it's actually good, because it basically makes us alive.
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    @iiii Desire doesn't keeps us alive....passion does...passion is different then desire.....our desire drives takes us to the ult of ourselves but sometimes which of them aren't as quite good as normal.....passion is....you build up yourselves using passion....if you didn't had the passion to do things then you wouldn't have done....desire forces you to do that.
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    @AalbatrossGuy stahp the pseudophilosophy train. You're redefining terms on the fly making a huge mess. Slow down and make some tea and listen to calm orchestral/ambient music.
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    @iiii Me is listening to Mozart and i can't make tea..

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    @AalbatrossGuy my friend used ro believe that there is nonsuch thing as passion. Everything could be learnt with hardwork and dedication, you don't need to love it or be"passionate" about it. I thought of him as low because of his capitalist mentality, but today he's doing great and i seem to agree with him.

    Regarding desires, you can read my posts. i have been incredibly confused and questioned these things out loud to get a grasp of what everyone else thinks about desires, particularly money. I am still not exactly convince, but here are some points:
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    1. desires are necessary and you don't need to kill yourself eating bottle gourd all day and being a saint. Its not wrong to have desires. But a desire could be legally or morally wrong.

    2. Money is the most complicated desire of the today's world . its the driving fuel of the whole economy, but yet its so vile that people would kill for it. Its again a desire to have lots of money which makes you go for good or bad routes

    3. Most of our desires aren't about ourselves( Heck the only personal desires i have now is a pizza and some way to experience sex, the whole world can live up with their money race) but sometimes its about others , the society or even security in future. Its all upto you how you about where you set your desires and what are you going to do to achieve them

    Again just my thoughts. Nice to find someone intellectual
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    @yowhatthefuck inherently all desires are selfish. Being it getting something physical or mentally patting yourself on the head with the words "good boy"
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    @iiii couldn't relate. Would i be selfish if my desire is to see my parents happy?
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    @yowhatthefuck yes, because in your reality your parents are important enough for you to affect your sense of well being, so you basically want them to feel good for you to feel good as a consequence.
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    Good for saying, not practical
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