What is the best way of learning anything according to you?

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    Doing it and failing repeatedly without giving up. While it is the best way, no one really has a insentive to actually stick to it, unless your boss is dangling the damoclessword of unemployment over your head.
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    Explain it to other or write a document about it.
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    Do it
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    1) read carefully
    2) do
    3) explain to someone (even to the other yourself)
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    Try figure out, fail
    Look at example
    Try example, fail

    Keep tweaking example until you get it right

    Of course this only works if you're really trying and actually learning something at each step
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    Learn by reading a lot. Doing it and if you fail just never give up on looking for the answer.

    If you want to master it though - mentor, teach and document.
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    If its something where you can build a project, project based learning is fantastic. It's also great to have a lesson plan/path to follow to get the basics, but I find I learn the most when I come across a new problem that I'm interested in solving, so I go and try to solve it.
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