Does anybody know how to configure eclipse to run in same way as vs code remote( I am kind fan of it) runs?
I tried remote option in eclipse i.e RSE but it looks more like file BROWSER than remote development .
FYI, I have a multi module maven/grade projects. I know I can use vs code for that as well but due to some limitations I want to use eclipse. I have a windows host and have to do development in vm or ec2 and I want to avoid booting in GUI mode.

If it's possible and you know a document which can help me or share the steps with me, it 2ould be very helpful.

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    The only limitation I can imagine being bound to Eclipse - its ability to pass "file location" property to Ant task - for performing such tasks in two clicks.
    And boom, everything including multi-module architecture is covered by Intellij IDEA. I can't see reasons to resort to less sufficient Java IDE alternatives to it like VSC or Eclipse, other than their open source policy, but knowing the quirks it's only natural to pick the one that actually helps you to get over with the job! 👍

    It's yet to measure what's more devilish in a sense of memory usage: Eclipse or Android Studio.
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    @vintprox Actually my concern is not eclipse or Intellij. I want remote development like Vscode where the front end available to you and operations are happening at backend whether its a docker, remote instance, VM, or WSL.

    Give VSCode remote development a try.
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    @notSoCoolGuy I believe it's a workflow problem when you have to do tasks on remote machine by repetitive manual trigger. CI&CD to the rescue.

    Alas, it isn't always helpful, because it requires some qualified setting up, which consumes time, but pays off later IMHO.
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    @vintprox it's not a cicd issue, rather it's a complete development on a remote instead of local.

    Suppose u have a ec2 instance in aws with good configuration and you want to use it as development machine. And your machine will act as a thin client. You will do everything on your machine but they will happen on remote like a ssh session
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    Actually, since the last year I was working with system that is hardly portable and more weighty than a mammoth, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Each change in scheme required a transaction in database to reflect it. It's just sad when you make tiniest possible mistake in syntax, and everything acts weirdly without log output.
    At the same time, I understand that having whole ERP system sandboxed within your PC isn't the best idea (because holy shit, every module takes 2-8 GB of RAM). It could really help us to have separate sandboxes instead of single test server.

    You won't have a lot of trouble setting up remote development with Ant tasks, that all comes out-of-the-box in most Java IDEs.

    Regarding frontend editing, I agree that VSC with SFTP or other SSH extension is a sweet candy! Coming further, there are more diverse extensions appearing in VSC.
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