Before the week ends, I was really trying to avoid this group rant.

I had an abusive childhood and parenting was not that great (because my parents had a rough childhood and they didn't have enough resources or a good parenting either so I don't blame them).

My parents were not much educated. However, they made sure I got decent education and never interfered in anyway in my career choice. I guess that was the biggest support.

Even during the times when we didn't have enough for survival, they made sure to pay my college tuition and never let me know about the struggles they were going through.

While they do piss me off in general life situations because kf silly stuff but career wise and in general trust and freedom, I had enough liberty to do whatever I felt right for myself. They made sure to keep an eye on me to not go down the dark alley. Just that.

And now the reason for me making this last moment post for group rant:

My parents almost went through rough patch when I was 6 month old (I spare the details).

My father struggled a lot in his life and we did have few good phases but for most of it, he faced a lot of bad luck. Too much of losses in whatever he did. He is street smart and super hardworking. I have never spoken about him so much until now. Our relationship is slowly improving.

For now, I am the sole provider at home and times are tough. Since I lost an "almost" dream opportunity, I am under pressure to find a good job to provide food for dinner.

My father has great long lasting relationship with people and all his friends are super rich. Like crazy.

Now the fun begins. I just got to know that an old family friend has expanded his businesses like crazy and is making millions per week. His family member betrayed him and he is looking for someone trust worthy to handle his cash.

They reached out to my father and when my dad is nearing his retirement, he is still fit and active to take up this new challenge.

I soooo fucking badly wish this happens and he can set a business with them. Not for me but for himself and mom so that they can finally reap the fruits of years of hard work and finally live a better life.

I'd be much more than happy to see them happy and I can live gladly in whatever money I make by myself. And it will also take the pressure off me to earn money and keep back (because business will yield a lot of money anyway).

And maybe then I can take a leap of faith and leverage the privilege to test my startup idea full time and even ask my uncle to fund the startup (once things start settling down with dad).

Never had I thought such thing could happen but here we are and this is a ray of sunshine in dark times. I am really being hopefully and for the matter of fact, I am ready to support my family for they did when I needed it.

Bit anxious but excited. Fingers crossed.

All I want is them to be happy and live good while I can focus on my side projects stress-free :)


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    Cool, I appreciate a personal story
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    Sounds awesome, good luck ! 🍀
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    I hope they have the best of luck, bless them
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    It seems to me you have experienced far more backbone building than me, so far in your life. If for whatever reason your father isn't offered that job, please remember that YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT YOU.
    You don't want to wake up in your mid-40s and realize you missed out on the chance to find a partner and have kids (if that's what you want).
    And try to let things happen, and not think or obssess about them too much.
    It's been my experience that if I focus on something like what's going on with you, I miss out on the subtltities around me Good luck. Please keep us posted.
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    You may call me cynical, but make sure your dad isn't being scammed or being made a scapegoat for something. People offering such great opportunities always raises my suspicions.
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