So as I'm deaf, I've always had a problem with captions or lack of them.

I thought Live Captions would fix it but it's only supported on selected devices and not enabled for calls and conferences like Zoom, WhatsApp.

I tried hooking up my sound card with an audio capble to my phone which has LC and also Live Transcribe... but somehow wouldn't pick up the audio.

Then today I was like wait... I could just install a Pixel emulator... excepy seems Google thought of that...

(I installed VB Cable virtual sound card and routed sound out to mic in).

Well first apparently, the emulator does not actually identify as Pixel... it identifies as an Emulator that sorta looks like Pixel...

Which means no LC...

I installed LT and also a sound meter which confirmed it was getting the audio but no transcription...

Though I tried GBoard and it sorta worked..
But I would like continuous transcription... and so I open the app store and try all the apps until I hit MSFT Translate...

Which has a convo mode which seems pretty much designed to screw Google over lol. Just need to start a Convo with myself...

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    Just tried Google Translate can't do sale lange so yes pretty sure MSFT did this on purpose
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    @donuts *same language
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    What about just using a dedicated live caption app on a phone and putting it on a charging station beside. Then you could see whatever ambient words it hears regardless of software support. Or use mic line in between your computer audio jack and the mic in on the phone.

    Obviously drawbacks to it but it might work.
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    Sweet hacks :D
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    @irene well the problem with ambient is noise and sound quality. Or the source of the sound is not loud enough to pick up.

    And for PC I don't actually have speakers since I don't need it.

    Now I just need to find an actual use for it instead of just testing it...

    I guess it could prove useful for watching videos in another language...
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    @irene just noticed I think left out one thing. Live Captions is only enabled on Google phones... Or phones where the OEM hacked and enabled it (OnePlus only enabled it on Oxygen for OP7 or 8 I think)

    (Or rooted phones like my OP6 where some nice dev released a mod to enable it)

    Think similar with Samshit, enabled it on their flagship only.

    Overall message is: Time to buy a new phone!
    And my response is: Fuck You!
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    Turned out actually to be a lot simpler... Just needed to reroute the speaker to mic.

    Then just got any sure that provides real time transcription. There's a few now :)

    Don't need to get it through an app... Unless you need it for other languages...
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    @donuts I think you did the thing that is what I meant by doing the line in thing between the sound card and mic in on the phone.

    I explained it poorly.
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    @irene sorta but don't need phone.

    I just need it to caption whatever is playing on the PC.

    So now I think for Zoom, etc, just need the app installed though need to see if it can works when you have a real mic as well.

    Zoom uses 1 mic, browser uses the other.

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    @donuts there is a short audio doubling effect or maybe two audio channels playing with slight offset. It looks like it transcribes well but I would imagine that the more rapid the words transcribed the more likely the delay would cause a transcription issue. If the input is from both channels of course.
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    Also that is a surprisingly effective setup. I can never get Windows audio working correctly for the most basic stuff.
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    @irene wait you can hear in the video? Not sure then.

    I don't have actual speakers as far as I know...
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    @donuts i can hear it. But is probably your screen recording software picking up the things coming through the sound card then not actually sound.
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    @irene yea maybe... picks up both sound cards' audio out.
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    @donuts Another mystery solved. Good job team.
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    apparently no one remembers android-x86 exists?
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    @Parzi I did but u need to install it like in a VM? The instructions are more like for replacing your OS though?

    And well that's when more complicated than just booting an emulator...
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    @donuts Emulators are a lot slower in my experience, though, and most are just Wine-style wrappers and not actually emulating anything, too.
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    @Parzi not anymore... At least not on my gaming pc ☺️
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    @donuts I mean, sure, okay, but on a quad-core 2.8GHz CPU, an R9 380 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and an SSD, it's a bit ridiculous that an emulated device told to be modest spec and run Android 5 needs 7 hours to boot and 10 minutes to respond to every tap. (Yes, it's set to be x86, and this is the dev suite's emulator.)
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    @Parzi I think ur doing something wrong.

    My specs are half urs and it only takes a few minutes to do a clean boot though the fact ur using Android 5 instead of 8+ probably has something to do with it.
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    Nevermind.. Actually mines is 3.2ghz...
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    @donuts Android 5 is a lot lighter.
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    @Parzi except it's prolly running on the unoptimized emulator. Latest ones have hardware acceleration that seem to actually work
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    @donuts seems to be using the same emulator for each, so, uh...?
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