"hey i want to print hello world to the terminal, can someone help me?"

>You should use ai for this, construct a neural network and feed it data.

>node has a great framework for printing to the terminal, use npm i termprinter && tp create-app

>*20 line bash script with esoteric unix tools nobodys heard of*

>hey i did this in unity, heres a link to my 30 minute long youtube tutorial

I somehow feel like the barrier of entry for programming has been lowered way too drastically.

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    AI for hello world would be super cool ngl
    I recall reading about an NN that generated hello world in a brain fuck like language
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    @RememberMe i am going to beat you to death
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    Now we know the culprit if we find the body of @RememberMe
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    -1 not enough jQuery
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    I really think the entry-level of most languages is fine. But once you know how to write in that language/framework and you want to get better at it, it feels like you already need to know what to search for to go deeper into something.

    I can't really find good guides that say: ok after learner the basics of X, look at these design patterns, architecture concepts... to write better code than the basic guides.
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    Oh let me tell you. I get annoyed by the useless things.

    Take rimraf for example. It is definitely slower than a system call to rm -rf. Everyone uses it for no apparent reason. It doesn’t solve a problem and instead adds a dependency.

    Or lodash which “takes the hassle out of working with arrays, numbers, strings, objects, etc”. You want to do it so you put a library in. But should you do it?
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    @LHofman I would say that after learning the basics go visit Martin Fowler. Most code solutions are just a remix of the patterns.

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    @irene the fuck is rimraf??? What language are you referring to?
    in python you just kinda
    `os.system("rm "+str(whatever))`
    and pray it works, or `os.delete(str(whatever))` if you wanna use the raw syscall without using the shell.
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    @irene lodash was amazing in ES5 days. JS standard library was missing really basic stuff. Why implement it by hand each time if there's a battle-tested implementation out there.
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    @Parzi rimraf is a replacement for rm -rf as a node.js library. I think it came about to deal with Windows missing a real shell.

    @gronostaj I am seeing people use it in new projects today. 😬
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