JFC, who thought that handling multilingual menus like that is even remotely a good idea?

When you add menu item in one language it will show up in EVERY language regardless if it's translated or not. Every godforsaken module that's supposed to fix it breaks something else and the only way to make it work is patching the FREAKING CORE.
And what's worse people in issues ticket have the GAL to question if showing menu item only in its given language by default is the intuitive approach.
Plus there's no way to preview menu structure in any language other than default admin language, except adding language switcher to admin pages manually, that shit should show up automatically the moment I enabled menu localization.

FUCK Drupal8+ and its "We integrated that module in the core! Except we shaved off half the functionality!" approach.

And if you want me to use Drupal Console, then FUCKING FIX IT, it's been uninstallable for the past three months!

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