Replaced battery in my phone but during the process I broke cable to front camera.
Looks like it’s time to also replace front camera.
I am impressed it works without it.

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    I need to swap the battery in an og pixel, but... Sandbags glue and picks seems a bridge too far
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    @SortOfTested I already replaced screen in my phone. I don’t want to replace phone cause I like it as long as I get software updates.
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    @vane dont software updates lag your phone? which brand btw?
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    @ilechuks73 I have iPhone 7 256gb bought it in December 2017.
    Switched from android Sony Xperia z3 - nice phone but my front camera died and no longer was giving me updates to latest android.
    Didn’t saw any slowdown, maybe when I will update to ios 14.
    I’m not the person who update software first day and have automatic updates enabled.
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    @vane iOS? then you're probably fine. android is the real culprit here.
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