When planning how to design some piece of software, specifically when it's object orientated, what "tools" do you use for taking notes?

I mostly prefer a white board or the ol' reliable (pen and paper)

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    typora, git and mermaid charts
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    @SortOfTested mermaid charts as in mermaid-js?

    I've never heard of it but the diagrams in that showcase look really nice

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    It's good enough for rough drafting and built into typora.
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    I agree, pen and paper for personal notes and whiteboard for any group sessions are the best :D
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    In this case pink means important (a focus point, like a file, function, class, a whole feature...) and green, done.
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    @c3r38r170 it looks pretty much like Mermaid charts with the clusterfuck of relationships and entities!))
    Oh boy, how I wish it was fixed, so Mermaid would take the big piece of charting software pie some time.
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    On linux, I installed Notable, they even have Discord support server, out-of-the-box Mermaid charts support and Markdown.
    I'm sure one can find something more advanced later, but it was enough for me.

    For describing processes, you can use BPMN.io-based editors, like Camunda Modeller, very neat way to convey high level understanding of the program.
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    Usually outline things in a markdown file. To have focus points and rough idea sometimes even architecture down.

    Than in lucidchart UML diagrams. Sometimes I go interface first and do a wireframe. Sometimes I make an ERD if data relations a the most complex but most of the time just a class diagram will do
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    Other thing I use is sortable lists, so I can go

    Feature 1
    - Subfeature 1
    - Has to have this
    - - This includes this
    - - And that
    Feature 2
    Feature 3

    And add in the middle as I need/explore.
    It helps to have a list of continuity and linearity when you are doing a lot of different things / tackling a solution from different angles.
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    Markdown for notes/specifications/requirements, drawIO for making visual representations and hand-written notes when having to decipher algorithms from papers etc.
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