Me today: Damn it's gonna take forever to find where this issue is, but at least then I'll know.

-me narrows it down to 5 lines-

Tonight me staring at lines: Oh fuck... there's nothing actually 'wrong' here...

Forget it, i'm going to bed.

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    ```print("DEBUG: <line>,<var1>="+str(var1)+",<var2>="+str(var2)+",<var3>="+str(<var3>)<etc>)
    repeat for every single line in a func (plus one before and right after entry to func) with even one line that looks or feels sus AND for those surrounding issue. Distinct line header, entire line of code copy-pasted wholesale and escaped if need be, all vars in order of where they appear in line with label, anything else of debugger's note with label. This should go directly before every line. Strip (or comment) out all the print lines after issue confirmed fixed.
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