75 % in meetings 25 % doing operative work.


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    Bring in more rage. This is such a valid topic to rant.

    Here is my break down:

    80% Meetings
    10% Job hunt
    5% Breaks
    3% devRant
    2% midget porn
    1% Productive output
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    One of those is not like the others.
    One of those needs to be pumped up.
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    Pumping up the job hunt towards 25%
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    Every ducking day
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    Yeah, you really just need to take a stand and say no. If your boss insists, well that's their decision. But if you feel like it's unproductive, then say so. What is your boss going to be mad you're trying not to waste time?
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    well to be honest, i dont care about what makes my boss mad... its something i stopped years ago

    the fact that i sit around in meetings so much, it makes ME mad.
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    @devnulli then don't sit around in meetings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I feel so lucky about actually being able to debug, refactor - and occasionally even writing new code. Just one meeting every other week or so.
    We have so much work to do... none of us has any spare time for idling around in meetings.
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    Seems to be a ghost 😀
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