I want to build a small personal linux server from an old PC

Intel atom n7 blah blah
Intel HD graphics card
4gb of ram
six cell battery(its a laptop)
sata hard drives

I was going to go for free nas but I read that I'll need to connect the PC to the router via a lan cable, I dont have a router and very costly for me rn to purchase one.

I also feel like it will end in tears but I'll try

pass or nah?

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    Why do you want a server if you dont want internet?
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    @Linux what seems to confuse you?
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    @Linux I have this old phone I keep plugged in that provides internet for me via wifi. got it?
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    NAS can work over wifi too
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    @neriald freeNAS doesnt
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    Then write it in the original post.

    And my answer - get a router or skip it :)
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    @Linux router it is then. thanks
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    @AkshayTolwani mobile hotspot
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    @AkshayTolwani I wished I could do it without a router. I have never ever used a router so I have to read up on that one too. I guess some have slots for sim cards
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    @ilechuks73 You could install *any* Linux distro that works(Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, ...), connect it in whatever way suits you and then slap docker on top... you could run multiple different things in parallel ... GitTea, FreeNAS, Wiki, LAMP stack, DockerInDocker....

    That way your stuff is containerised and you can tear it down or rebuild when ever you want to. Or start it up or shut it down whenever you want to.
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    Did you see what cpu he mentioned?

    Every single clock matters there.
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    @DubbaThony true bu that still hasn't stopped people from running k8s on Raspberry pi 2 and 3 in the past.
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    Honestly atom cpus are so weak i wouldnt be suprised if rpi has better cpu by a lot.

    Atoms sweat from opening start menu on windows.
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    @DubbaThony it would still run ubuntu lubuntu etc without a desktop environment
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    Will run yeah, but it will be overhelmed with many tasks

    Edit: i mean with idle activity it will be fine, but running anything will run not that smoothly, and adding overhead to this... Idk, man.
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    If you just want a tiny router you can check the company GL.inet. Their routers run openwrt and can be very cost-efficient, especially if you can get them secondhand. I have a few of them and paid 10-20€ each (no modem included). Since it's openwrt and they have USB you can connect a either a USB-Modem or even your phone in tethering mode or connect to your phone's hotspot (USB modem would be preferred to prevent double NAT).

    However you should be aware that you're running on old, low-end hardware (your laptop). Expect things to fail (including data corruption/loss, possibly silently). If it's just a learning experience that doesn't matter too much, but without a solid backup plan (and even then) I wouldn't trust any important data to that machine.
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