Storytime. Go watch social dilemma on netflix NOW. You might realize how much of hacked are you in terms of generating revenue for tech companies.

Ads have been the primary source of business for every web player. those weird sayings "ïf you are not paying the product, you are the product" are true but vague. Its all simple maths. if you are scrolling on your feed, and an add pops up, and you have ANY sort of interaction with it, like slowing your scroll, swiping across its items, clicking it, viewing its comments etc, then at least one of the parties involved achieved success and generated revenue. And that party would be the one responsible for making this behavior true for millions of users and billions of ads.

social media in a gist: "We are going to give a customized version of our product to every úser, so as to change the mindset of this person towards some stuff because we are getting paid for that"

What we are losing is tremendous when studied in terms of behaviors and psychology. we are becoming addicts. addicts to those continuous scrolls, those new posts when we make a swipe up gesture, those notification pings, these nonsense recommendations that are remotely connected to our interests . No matter how much tired you are and want a sweet death like sleep, a simple "PINGG" and you wanna go back to see what is it about.

Those bell icons. Those are the fucking worst. a collection of all the notifications that will catch the center of user's attention. User hates the red number on its bar , so let's fill it with more and more notifs than required. I bet the upcoming decade will see ads in the notification bar too. those big fanged Faang giants are just waiting on one another to see who tries it out first.

Social media has shown to make young gens much more depressed fragile , nd less comfortable in taking risks fearing the backlash. the rates of getting a driver's license are decreasing while the rates of suicides and self harm among teens is increasing.Real dates are now decreasing while the viewership of porn industry is staggering. even the parents or old gens which are not much into social media are getting effected by this, because the children are transferring their fears of social media interaction to the whole family environment.

And you know who is going to be the next big player in terms of using a mass manipulating tool for commercial benefits? News and Journalism industry. And THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE! Imagine someone paying news channels to target people with certain beliefs and presenting news in a biased manner as opposed to rational manners

social media is one of the best tools of persuasion. and in the hands of a dictator or a cult, it is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. We think that recommendation Algorithms are designed to help us gain more knowledge as they are gonna recommend us similar content. but what these algorithms are doing is to move our attentions pan from something that we are interested in to something which is commercially profitable, in the common interest of a large group and which we might be interested in too. i can think of a million times when i went from watching college subject lectures to cat videos

We have now 4 types of political deviations : the people who are absolute supporters of the ruling party, the people who are absolute supporters of the opposition party, the critics and propaganda community which throws dirt at both and the people who are neutral and not inclined to anywhere. the propaganda community consists of social media, tools and content maker which could easily flood the streams of everyone else with the beliefs they want / are paid to and their major target is to move the natural bias of un-inclined people in a particular direction. and this is wrong, it is a wrong thing to disrupt a natural balance for personal benefits, being treated like zombies

A network provider has tons of data about us... its transferring the freaking packets of our voices and images. but it is governed by the national laws to not use them in wrongful ways. but the software industry have no laws for any kind of regulation. they can hoard as much data as they want, use it in whatever ways they want and yet call themselves as "self regulated" by paying shit tonnes of bribes.
The need to be controlled, come under government jurisdiction. taxes should be enforced on how much data they can collect as they have the power to undermine the whole democratic systems using their tools and data.

The only question that is left asking is : how to not get affected with this continuous hacking while being in this industry itself? How do i make money off this 2 edged sword that is technology without getting cut myself? How to not being a mindless zombie for these giants trying to make everyone a small node of their massive eco system?

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    PS : this is kind of an answer to my previous rant about college level HCI and its need. and damn its a woke moment for me. I can say yeah i get it why I should be learning where the user clicks or the semantics behind a ui, but Damn! If that''s where my employer gonna use my skills for, for making people as mindless zombies, then no thanks
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    I have watched it recently and it's pretty bizarre how much it allegedly can influence people.
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    First time?
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    It's definitely not the best thing made on that topic, I would prefer National Geographic's documentary (if they make) over this, Everyone knew that and are now acting surprised.
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    I watched it recently and while I'm already 'paranoid', even I didn't know it was THIS bad ๐Ÿ˜…
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    @linuxxx I am genuinely surprised how YOU didn't know this..

    I thought this was fairly common.

    Back in days when I used to be bit active on Pinterest, I observed the time duration mechanism on the post I stopped before scrolling, I got similar type of posts and they mapped a person's entire profile and work on various levels.

    I thought this knowledge was fairly common in privacy based people/communities.
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    @F1973 Oh nono, I knew about most of it but I didn't know that some parts were this bad.
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    @F1973 I knew there was manipulation but not this kind of near instant manipulation ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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    @linuxxx the proximity thing?

    Ah!! Yes.. that profile mapping was interesting..
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    I feel like most devs already know all this since we are often the ones building stuff like this, and we are also the ones who often evangelize free software / open source, use Signal, stay off social media, own our own media rather than subscribe to a service for it, etc. Etc.
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    The answers are simple:
    Don't be in that industry. There is a shit ton of code used outside ad-based business models.
    Use uBlock Origin and uMatrix (or whatever will become its heir now that it became unmaintained).
    If you get bored while scrolling or clicking the bell - close the tab.
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    @Oktokolo isn't ublock the same as umatrix but also with ad blocking filtering?
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    @justamuslimguy I am amazed how simple it is for you and devs like you. please teach me your secrets XD. As a human i have failed to not get addicted by social media and games even though i once thought i am nailing the youtube and google AIs.
    I used to have all the information about stuff happening in tech because i would scroll and scroll, open multiple tabs from news coming below the google page on chrome, which would again start showing new suggestion the moment i accidentally reload the homepage.

    After the realization i have started fighting it via various time trackers and site blocker softwares, ut my usual phone usage is still > 4hours a day and god knows how much time i spent on following trails on the laptop
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    @F1973 nah I knew it since last year documentation on the great hack . but thought of summarizing it here for future reference๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚
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    @justamuslimguy I cannot agree with you. There's a lot of hype economy in dev world and a lot of devs involved in social network activities and promotion of such activities. Paranoid ones are a minority compared to an army of hipsters who would like to make everything fancy despite danger.
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    @yowhatthefuck RSS can replace a lot of social media feeds. Just one example. Instead of having a youtube account and letting Google know everything you watch all day and night, get an RSS feed for each channel you want to subscribe to (search for how to get these). Whenever a video comes in that you want, use an open source youtube downloader to grab the video (Android has some apps for this) and store it on a gerbera server at home (optionally make it public to watch away from home). You can automate all of this.

    Now you can still watch as much videos as you like. It's not perfect but youtube doesn't get to know your likes/dislikes, view counts, subscription information, can't feed it's recommendations from you, etc.
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    you wanna have your mind blown?

    just wait till you realize just how many people will believe *anything* you tell them, if you say it with an air of authority or apparent expertise. if you insist on it. go head, try.

    if you dont know what in talking about, you really havent been hit with how gargantuan a realization it is, the sheer *quantity* of people that will, with the slightest nudge, *swallow whole* any old bullshit. even counterfactual statements, or things which harm or disadvantage them. all without more than a shred of incredulity or skepticism.

    there is an *ocean* of ignorance out there, whos unfathomable depths have no apparent bottom.

    some days I marvel at the shit that people believe. I envy the ignorant, their innocence.
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    While uMatrix technically can't do more than uBlock Origin, its GUI is orders of magnitude superior for defining rules following the traditional deny by default approach.
    The domain / request type matrix (hence the name) is intuitive and quick to use for people who can judge the fishyness of a domain by its name.

    uMatrix is designed to be a browser firewall for "power users" while uBlock Origin is designed to be an ad blocker for the common surfer.
    They work perfectly together so you can selectively enable scripts for a page and still not see their self-served ads.

    If you are able to judge the fishyness of domains by their name, i recommend using both.
    If not, just go for uBlock Origin to still block most trackers, ads, consent dialogues, and lots of other shit.
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    @Oktokolo yeah, true. I've remembered that umatrix had an interface for types, which ublock have not, but if i remember correctly it's still possible to define manually in the rules
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    Yes, the core difference is in the GUI.
    I would go insane when trying to use uBlock Origin as an allowlist-based firewall.
    I also like the convenient lists curated by someone else and updated regularly, wich i really wouldn't like to maintain myself, but are selectable in uBlock Origin.
    So uMatrix as firewall for the base line security and web performance improvement - and uBlock Origin as ad blocker on top.
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