So at the interview this past Friday, they basically said I got the job and they'll send the paperwork. So then yesterday, I got an email saying "we offering x and can review for a 'more feasible' offer after pronation"

Now previously in this story I mentioned that they were offering 47% of what I was making before but it I really need the work. Now they want me to take even less than that. I think that's actually really dickish since numbers were already discussed and with what they offered I'd actually be loosing money!

They said I could be completely remote(I guess to try and justify paying me less) but it's still not good enough and don't actually want to be 100% remote straight off the bat. I've told them I can't take a cent less than the number first discussed and they said they'll need a few days to discuss it which is an additional frustration as I wanted to start on 1st Oct (tomorrow at time of writing) and they wanted me to start on the first as well.

Basically I think the devs like and want me but the bean counters are trying to save every last penny they can. I think they'll probably agree to pay the original amount but only start me in after a while so they can pro-rata the first month and still give me what basically amounts to loose change.

I really wanted this one to work out as I got good vibes from the devs and I am just so tired of looking and dealing with full of crap recruiters

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    First time I've heard of a job offer based on natural foot alignment, but interesting all the same.

    If you need the cash take it, and don't stop looking. Double up and moonlight if you have to. They're trying to get theirs, do what you need to do to get yours.
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    The more I read about recruitment process the more I think number of people recruiting developers is now bigger then number of developers.
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    @vane Hiring People Industrial Complex
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    Good on you sticking to the original offer.

    Very weird they would try to alter it after the fact. One of those things I would be willing to mention to them and if they don't keep the original deal.... I've little reason to believe they would stick to the second one either.
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    @N00bPancakes yea... It is weird. I understand lower money during probation but it's already pretty low. I hope that maybe standing up for myself will earn me some respect
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    Some of the jokes are for me.
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