Is Next.js too good to be true?!! Like what r the downsides?

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    Low-effort answer?
    • “Tomorrow’s Javascript, today!”
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    It makes all the decisions for you. Which is fine, provided the system is flexible enough.
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    The fact that it's javascript is enough of a downside.
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    Isn't it just react with SSR ?
    So take all the downsides of both.
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    Don’t get me started on this.

    What they do is they only create one feature after another to pitch to investors on regular basis, but when there is a bug you get NO ANSWER. Look at the GitHub issues.

    Nextjs is a buggy slow garbage
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    Also you don’t even need ssr. Spa is an APP, not a website. Your app deserves a separate static landing page. “But I’m making a website!” Make a WEBSITE then goddamit, not an spa!
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    @uyouthe the irony is it’s even called Single Page App
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    @uyouthe this is good to know, thank you
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