Well....i started programming roughly 4 months back.....i can code python very well but still can't understand when to implement what and how should i think about a question in order to solve it....
Any help to overcome this problem???

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    Keep working. Bump your head a few times. Be critical of your own work, but balance it with "good enough on time".

    You can read about solid and whatever other practices, but at least in my case nothing beats the realization of why X is a good/bad idea after implementing it myself.
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    I find it useful to take a step back and solve the problem by hand. Then go over what you did slowly and break it down into smaller and smaller steps until you start seeing something that kinda looks like something you could write as code. Hope it helps.
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    It’s something we all go through, you just have to make things. Programmers learn by programming projects, it’s how we put our new knowledge to use.

    Start simple if you have to but you should try to challenge yourself. There are tons of project idea lists out there just pick some and make them :)
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    @everyone Thanks for your comments and suggestions guys...i will surely keep them in mind and move forward in future...

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    @AalbatrossGuy you can’t @ everyone cause that’s a person if it helps you can press reply and back out and repeat for all the people you’re replying to then when you’re done type your message (assuming you’re on mobile)

    Wish you luck
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    @Bubbles i just use @ for making ppl understand that it was meant for all...

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