The height of pretentious 🤦‍♀️

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    Oh not this “Design Thinking” stuff... I've had a seminar of it once and I still don't know what the hell the point of it was
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    Bruh. Even though underneath the ground, sewer still exists. Do you swim in it though? Probably not. So WHY do you swim in a digital sewer?
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    You don't know what the client wants. Now go and pretend to know better instead of analyzing the client's actual problems for them.

    Its a hit or miss tactic, but it's cheep and it works sometimes. At least the probability of change request does not increase much given that they seem to come around anyways most of the time.
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    Ah yes, the layering of complexity on something which is very simple. Happens everywhere pretty much.
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    Ah medium, where design and user experience goes to die. Want to read the comments, too bad we will reload the whole page.
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    This is wrong on soooo many levels.
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