I have a doubt. I work as a freelancer. I always randomly charge my clients. Because I have no idea about other freelancer's pricing or market price. Currently, I'm working on a website that is very similar to DropBox. The only difference between my project and DropBox is the frontend design. I am doing the only backend of that project with python(flask). How much should I charge?

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    Probably violating a few patents, but that's a different topic altogether.

    You need to figure out what the average hourly rate is where you're at for FTEs at comparable companies (salary/2000). You then figure what the amount you need for benefits, taxes etc is, set that as a multiplier for the base hourly. Compute a bench metric for yourself (inactive time), create a multiplier for that percentage and apply it to the base rate. The result of this is your hourly.
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    I have no idea how I don’t do Freelance when I read things like this...

    This is part of any apprenticeship and course of degree

    Edit: nvm, India..
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    Bangladesh, but yeah, the 'I have a doubt' neologism is always a context clue :)
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    My experience with freelance customers is basically them shutting up without valid reason and not reading reminders. Never came to really fix something on their websites, probably because dumbasses don't understand who is their hosting provider or how to retrieve FTP/SSH credentials.
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    If you're indian and I'm assuming it's going to be a shitty knock off, go for it. No one remotely important is going to care.
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