* How other sites charge for a domain name
- The domain (abc.com) is available
---- Price => $14

* How AWS charges
- Your domain (abc.com) is available
--- Domain name => $18.99
--- DNS resolution => $17.88
--- Hosted zone (1) => $10.97
--- Route53 Interface => $45.67
--- Network ACL => $63.90
--- Security Group => $199.78
--- NAT Gateway (1) => $78.99
--- IP linking => $120.89
--- Peer Connection => $67.00
--- Reverve Endpoint => $120.44
--- DNS Propagation => $87.00
--- Egress Gateway => $98.34
--- DNS Queries (1m) => $0.40
---- TOTAL => $2903.99
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    Poor Jeff needs your money so he can escape into space... The final frontier of tax havens
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    I just want simple pricing. Maybe Azure pricing also looks like that 😅
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    It is so retarded, and people and companies thinks Thats ses saves money
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    Well they are con the same, AWS is apparently selling you a lot more and the risk is that if you order your domain name some other way they will still charge you most of that if you want to use it with theirs services :/

    Sure its probably good features but if you cannot afford them it’s worthless.
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    Pay $6 on godaddy
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    I have not used AWS but if that is true, it's a total fucking ripoff. I run my own public authoritative DNS servers, so many of these properties (for lack of a better word) are familiar to me.

    Domain name is the only thing carrying a real cost. It's the cost of registration and being the exclusive owner of that name.

    DNS resolution.. yes if you buy it from them and use their DNS servers, it'd better be publicly available.

    Hosted zone.. that's how you store the fucking domain records.

    Route53. It's the name of their DNS service. It'd better be there, both authoritative and recursive. And regardless of whether you pay for it, they are.

    Network ACL is a fancy word for a stateless firewall. Your DNS server would better have one if your name is fucking Amazon.

    Security Group: see above.

    NAT gateway.. they are too cheap to even run their damn DNS servers on a VPS with a direct connection to the internet?!

    IP linking.. what? See above I guess.

    Peer Connection.. a slave server?
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    At this point I feel they're just trying to add shit for marketing.

    DNS propagation... Excuse me? That's literally what the recursor network does. Your authoritative records have a TTL and when that expires, the recursors will ask your authoritative server again. Not even Amazon's job for the most part.

    Egress Gateway.. oh come fucking on. Just put the fucking thing on a PUBLIC server Amazon.

    DNS queries.. Their recursor network is there regardless of whether you pay for it. What are they gonna do, not serve their recursive DNS users for specific domains?!

    Absolutely unbelievable to me. What a ripoff.

    As far as my DNS servers go, authoritative isn't even a heavy duty job. I'm looking at kilobits per second to recursors on average. My TTL is set to 1 week for all records, and that does affect it yes. And so does the amount of domains you serve for, well the total amount of records rather. Even everything in the CZDS - 1200 zones - can fit on a thumb drive. It isn't all that much.
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    Just checked out https://aws.amazon.com/route53/... and it seems that this is indeed not too far from the truth. I'm baffled. The richest man on the fucking planet, no wonder that he is. This is absolutely fucking insane.
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    @Linux Versus having a person on your staff who knows how to do and maintain all of this? Yes, it does.
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    @JustThat You can't run stuff on AWS and have nobody on your staff that literally knows what all that marketung bull stands for. This is how security leaks are made.
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    @AtuM You don't know how right you are!

    I won't say more than that.

    But, that doesn't stop companies from buying into that model, now does it?
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    Not sure which AWS you are using but these prices are nowhere near what I am paying.

    1 Domain, $9.99 per year on AWS
    1 Route53 DNS zone - $0.50 a month
    t3.micro (good enough for one app, or multiple shared server sites) - around $8.8 per month

    So around $9.3 per month + 9.99 yearly for a domain which is cheaper than some VPS server offers.

    Keep in mind that AWS is not meant for a simple shared hosting most of the "cheaper" hosting companies offer. AWS offers pretty much a VPS.

    Of course, if you scale up, your costs increase but its way cheaper than buying a higher vps package and paying way more a month than you are really using. That is how you "save" using AWS, but you need to also be careful and provision only what you need so its a convenience vs cost optimization.
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    Godaddy is crap, aids, cancer and a gunshot at the same time
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    Companies usually have that
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    @Linux Yes, but the users of godaddy realizes next year.
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    @Linux Not small ones, no.
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    Amazon is a bitch, Jeff suspended my seller account and stole my $3k, fuck you Jeff
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