Woke up in the middle of the night, got an idea , write an idea into notebook , went back to sleep.

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    and in the end you have a notebook full of ideas :P
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    @rox79 and sleepless night)
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    @vintprox even if I have the sleepless night , it is worth it but the idea I got are solid gold.

    Why did I always have a great idea in the middle of the night?

    Does that mean my brain is never resting and constantly thinking?

    Recently I cannot sleep much, having been waking up a lot. The most I can sleep is just 2 hour continuously.

    Edit : I stop taking caffeine ,maybe it's the problem?
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    I also do this you aren’t alone
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    @mr-user Yeah, I mean same! The brilliant idea strikes while attempting to dream. I get the sense why one word "dream" describes two collateral processes 😜
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