Me: I want a T-shirt

CodewithHarry: Register yourself at Hacktoberfest and contribute to Opensource by Making PRs on the only Readme file again and again

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    My god this year event is shitshow

    Also welcome to devrant
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    Open Source is a really high trust area. There's surprisingly few walls up to prevent weird shit from happening, and that's good.

    But then it doesn't take much in the way of good intentions, and ignoring the obvious less well intended human behavior that will follow to dork things up.
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    At least GitHub was quick to push out some changes to allow maintainers to restrict who has the ability to create pull requests.
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    @AmyShackles Yeah that was really nice of them. Nice feature.
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    Do you get street cred from having hacktoberfest merch?
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    @jespersh I've heard that elsewhere, especially India, that participation in such events is highly encouraged / rewarded by educational institutions there. Also it's seen as a nice resume token...

    Also when you have a youtuber saying "hey get a free tshirt with less than 5 min of work" folks are going to do it...
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    Readme doesn't count anymore, I think they announced it
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