I am at some point gonna start developing for iOS. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is a beginner python tutorial, and 10 is hand crafted assembly, how difficult is it? What should I expect? Do I need an apple device aside from a Mac to do that, or are there emulators?

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    xcode comes with emulators but you'll need an actual device as they don't behave 100% the same

    swift is 3 objc maybe 4

    The apple ecosystem itself is another story. Prepare to get pissed off 20 times an hour for having to deal with all sorts of fucktarded APIs.

    You'll become closer friends than you'd like with SO and google and a bunch of shitty tutorial sites.
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    Swift is quite pleasant.
    Compared to Android I’d say easier.
    Well it’s nothing special and not a rocket science.
    Didn’t touched latest swift ui but I watched some tutorials and it looks great.
    Development as usual.
    I give it between 3 and 5.
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    Easier and less honking ram consuming than developing android apps.
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    ObjC — 8
    Swift — 3
    Swift with swiftui — 1.5

    That’s without cs background. With it it’s all 1, maybe objc is 2
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